The question "what does LEED stand for?" is a common question asked by first time home builders, designers, and developers. LEED is an abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Find out more about the LEED rating system.

Find out more about who started the LEED rating system and its current certifications and accreditation. Learn more about who takes the exam and why someone would think about obtaining a LEED AP.

The LEED 2009 rating system is not gone yet. You can still register buildings under the 2009 rating system. Find out the sunset dates and more.

Free LEED V4 Green Associate Exam

This is a Free LEED GA exam. The green associate exam is a tier 1 exam that is the first step in obtaining a candidates LEED AP. Test your knowledge on this free LEED green associate exam.

Rounding out the top countries in the world outside of the USA who promote LEED include: China, Canada, India and more. See what countries are surprisingly adopting LEED at lightning speeds. Complete 2014 rankings are as follows...

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Many people request information on obtaining their LEED AP credentials. In this post we will cover the exam format, optional paths to becoming a LEED AP and general requirements. LEED accreditation is widespread and sustainability is in demand due to rising prices and economically concision developers. Yes we did say economically conscious. One of the common misconceptions is that LEED project certification is an added cost. In fact, if planned and designed correctly, a LEED project can incur a minimal additional cost as well as reduce energy savings over the life of a building project.