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i really enjoyed taking your LEED -GA practice exam. I thought it covered key areas very well.

Thanks for the quiz.
it was really useful

Thank you for your work to make this demo exams. They are indeed useful tools and would increase confidence of LEED aspirants.


now i can know what i am up against ... LEED GA here i come, ... LEED AP wait a lil bit .. but i'm attacking you soon. ::) thank you again


...didnt score very well....but it was very helpful.
many thanks =)

Thanks for the practice test.. very helpful..

The online test is useful, but the questions are fairly easy. By setting up a 100 questions online test with slightly more complicated questions, it would help judging our performance better.
But nevertheless, it boosts your confidence! :)


Great sample. It covers a wide variety of subjects and gives me an idea of what to expect.

It was helpful but a little easier than most practice exams that I have seen. Hopefully the exam is this easy!
Thanks again! Everything helps!

i have a lot to learn for sure! thanks guys.

thanks for all these, really helpful.

Sample exam was good. I scored 48/50.
Please suggest whether I can pass Leed GA exam?
Please provide more sample exams.



good collection of sample test...thanks

I enjoyed the test

I didn't do well but at least i know that i have to do more.
Thanks a lot.

I think some of the questions are quite confusing in terms of what they really meant. But on the whole, it's ok.

thanks,very practical questions...i need to put more time for review

I am just beginning to study to take the GA exam, the practice test really boosted my confidence and made learning all those references less daunting!

Thank you

This is very helpful to me prepare the GA exam.

Thanks a lot!!

Great baseline on areas I need to improve on studying. Failed the first attempt by 12 pts. Ensure you know all LEED terminology and creditation processes for each LEED category type. Thanks, TC
it's a great indicator on how I would be able to ace the LEED GA exam! Thanks, Mitz
Good thought provoking sample.

I am  to take the GA exam, the practice test really boosted my confidence , now i can know what i am up against ... LEED GA here i come, ... LEED AP after that

thank you again



Thank you, I enjoyed it
Total 60 questions is a little bit too few for me! I'm kinda addicted to it!