10 Top LEED Exam Prep Materials

Passing the LEED Exam is a cornerstone in your career. Whether you are an Architect or Engineer, you are constantly looking for a way to stand out from the rest of the field. LEED Accreditation is just that. It showcases your environmentally friendly design skills and lets employers and customers know that you are on the cutting edge of sustainability. When seeking your LEED credentials, it is important to study quality material. We researched and tested the 10 Top LEED Exam Prep Materials that are the most widely used to pass your LEED Exam on your first try!

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Study Material Requirements:

  • Accuracy – The material must cover the full exams scope of information.
  • Support – Includes 24/7 options for customer support including chat.
  • Passing Rate – The LEED study material was designed to help you pass your exam on your first try.

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1. LEED Green Associate Platinum Pack More Info

Complete LEED Exam Prep Bundle
This comprehensive bundle is packed with everything you need for the LEED Green Associate Exam. You will have upgraded access for 120 days upon purchase. This study bundle contains the original LEED Practice Exams, Flashcards, Guide and Video Training. So if you are looking for a complete exam solution when studying for the exam, look no further.

2. LEED AP BD+C Platinum Pack More Info

The Top Study Resource
When looking for study material about the LEED BD+C Exam, you cannot go wrong with the Building Design and Construction Platinum Pack. Filled with upgraded study resources, you will be equipped with everything you need to pass your LEED BD+C Exam. It contains the original LEED Practice Tests, Video Training, Flashcards and Reference Sheets. A complete solution, this study bundle contains everything you need to study to feel confident on your BD+C Exam.

3. LEED AP O+M Platinum Pack More Info

Comprehensive Study Bundle
Containing everything you need to know for the LEED Operations and Maintenance Exam, this exam material is the premier bundle when searching how to pass your exam. You will have access to the original LEED Practice Tests, Flashcards, Video Training and Reference Sheets for 4 months when choosing this study bundle.

4. LEED AP ID+C Platinum Pack More Info

Complete Study Resource
Like most candidates working on their ID+C credential, you are looking for a simple solution to studying for the exam. This LEED study material bundle is perfect for just that. Included in this bundle is award-winning Video Training, Flashcards and the original LEED Practice Tests for the ID+C exam. Upgraded access is provided for 120 days when you choose this material. With a 95% pass rating on your first try, you cannot go wrong when choosing this study bundle.

5. LEED AP ND Silver Pack More Info

Exam Prep Package Includes
Achieving your Neighborhood Development Credentials has never been easier thanks to the LEED ND Silver Pack. This LEED study material comes with upgraded access for 4 months. During this time, you will be able to use on the original LEED Practice Tests and Flashcards to prepare for your Neighborhood Development Exam. The practice tests include 400 questions with explanations, so you will be learning the details of the exam and not just memorizing answers. This is the top LEED study material for the ND exam.

6. LEED AP Homes Silver Pack More Info

Study Bundle Includes
Don’t stress over the LEED AP Homes Exam. Passing has never been easier thanks to the LEED AP Homes Silver Pack. Your premium study bundle includes the award-winning practice exams with 400 questions covering the entire scope of the AP Homes Exam. With upgraded access for 120 days, you will enjoy preparing to pass your AP Homes Accreditation.

Study Guides

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7. LEED Green Associate Study Guide

For over 15 years GBES has been the top LEED Exam Prep provider and their guide is no exception. When preparing for your LEED Green Associate Exam, you need a guide that breaks down the different topics that are on the exam. This BD+C Study Guide does just that. It condenses the need-to-know material into an easily reviewed material that is a perfect complement to any study plan.
View the Green Associate Guide

8. LEED AP BD+C Study Guide

The perfect complement to any study plan is a proper guide. That is just what you get when you choose the AP BD+C Study Guide. You will obtain access for 4 months to a comprehensive guide that covers all the topics of the AP BD+C Exam. A powerhouse of information, the guide is in a searchable PDF format to help you pinpoint the areas you need to focus your studying on.
View the BD+C Guide

Practice Exams

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9. LEED Green Associate Practice Exams

If you already have study guides for your LEED Exam, then this bundle is perfect for you. It contains 6 LEED practice tests each with 100 questions that mimic the actual exam. You will get 4 months of access upon purchasing this bundle. GBES provides the top LEED Exam Prep available when it comes to practice exams and the Green Associate Practice Exams are some of their most successful materials. With forward and backward navigation and a comprehensive review section, this LEED study material is sure to help you pass your exam.
View the LEED Green Associate Practice Exams

10. LEED AP BD+C Practice Exam

Choosing the LEED Building Design and Construction practice tests is an important step in obtaining your BD+C credentials. You will gain access to 500 LEED practice test questions with this study bundle. Each question is recorded and has a review section, so you can learn what areas to focus your studying on. This exam resource is meant to be used with the BD+C Study Guide or similar reference material.
View the BD+C Practice Exams