GUAM - At Guam Community College, it's another year, another building and another means to modern learning.
This morning dignitaries clipped the ribbon outside GCC's new LEED certified Learning Resource Center. The LRC is a modern library with energy efficient computers, LED lighting, and furniture made from recycled materials.
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It's an international standard—a green building certification system. And GCC President Mary Okada says the $5.2 million project is another milestone in the 2005 Physical Master Plan to modernize for growth.

The LEED Green Associate is the Tier I green building professional credential in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) professional credential system. The LEED Green Associate is the first step in a LEED professional's path, evoking good environmental practice and skill in understanding the LEED green building rating system and sustainable design.

Question to a LEED AP

I have a few people on our team that are not LEED APs. How do they gain or get the leed experience needed to take the LEED AP exams?

Answer From a LEED AP

I am currently working in the solar panel industry. I would like to go get my LEED (AP) but I am not certain that it is useful without either construction experience/degree or if it is beneficial on its own. How would the certification benefit me in securing employment? I currently have a degree in technology, and I am employed as a production manager in a solar panel company.

POSTED: 1:20 pm HST March 16, 2010
UPDATED: 5:07 pm HST March 16, 2010

Hawaii Buildings Receiving LEED Distinction Is On The Rise

HONOLULU -- More and more buildings are going green, meaning they are being built or renovated in ways that make them more energy efficient. That allows them to become certified in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED.

Companies like Philip K. White & Associates felt it was important not only to boost building efficiency, but to also obtain official certification that documents and validates the work that has been done.

Green Construction: It's growing

LEED Construction Statistics

Green Building Statistics: Turner Construction’s report states that, “75% of commercial real estate executives – including developers, retail building owners, brokers, architects, engineers and more – say the credit crunch will not discourage them from building green. In fact, 83% said they would be likely to seek LEED® certification for buildings they are planning to build within the next three years.”


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