Vietnam Green Building Council

The VGBC (Vietnam Green Building Council)created the LOTUS rating system to be specific to the needs of Vietnam. Using local requirements and needs the LOTUS rating system takes elements from international rating systems including: LEED, Green Star, BREAM, GBI and Green Mark.

Development of the Vietnam Green Building Council Lotus Program
The Initial Development of the Vietnam Green Building Council LOTUS program was developed over a course of years and has been refined since 2010 and was developed by the VGBC (TAG) Technical Advisory Group as well as local and international experts.

Vietnam Green Building Council Early History

  • 2010 LOTUS NR pilot released
  • 2011 LOTUS R Pilot Version released + LOTUS NR Version 1 Released
  • 2013 LOTUS R Extended Pilot Released + LOTUS BIO Pilot version to be released + Lotus NR Version 1.1 Released

Vietnam Green Building Council Rating System

The LOTUS rating system comprises three types of projects:

  1. Non-Residential (NR)
  2. Residential (R)
  3. Buildings in Operation (BIO)

Vietnam Green Building Councils LOTUS certification levels

41-55% certified
56-70% certified
71-100% certified

The Vietnam Green Building Council is a program developed by Green Cities Fund, Inc. Based in California, USA the nonprofit was established in 2007 to raise awareness and educational development in Vietnam. VGBC’s has one goal and that is to promote academically and governmental sustainable practices.