Climate Change and Jellyfish Invasion

You may have read recently that Jellyfish blooms are coming to a beach near you. The truth of the matter is our current climate conditions have given way to the perfect habitat to see increasingly large blooms of these stinging sensations.

As human activities increase in impact, we can expect to chew off our fair share of these drifting blobs due to climate fluctuations and undersea construction. The jellyfish life starts out anchored. With a flourish of activity blooms are created artificially.

Direct impact can be seen on beaches and shores but that is not all, recently on July 5, 2011 in the Israeli coastal city north of Tel Aviv a power plant was forced to shut down because of a dangerous buildup of these translucent enemies. Protective methods are now in place to prevent blockage of the cooling water inlets critical to the safety of the system.

Solution to this Jelly War?

Seeing as though man mad climate change is an incredibly hard area for the public to agree on (except for the majority of scientists), a new product has been developed in Japan to chew up jellyfish using robots.