Exam Study Tips

Scared that you might not be able to ace your exams this time? There are a bunch of ways that can prove you wrong. These days it has become quite impossible to step out of the house, let alone studying in a library or a quiet place. Although the fear of doing poorly on your exams is always there, certain ways can be quite helpful in your situation. By trying out these rules, not only will you be able to protect yourself but also prepare yourself for your online exams. While the mode of conducting exams sure has changed, the method remains the same. Below are the 5 best ways that you can use to study productively for your exams.

Effective Methods:

Effective methods of preparing for an exam include:
1. A specific timetable, an appropriate and healthy diet, power naps, and a particular time assigned to each subject.
2. For a lengthy subject, you can divide the chapters according to the number of days left for the exam and do your chapters accordingly, so that in the end, you have enough time to solve old question papers as well.
3. It is always good to start with easier subjects. Once you get them covered in a short period, you can move on to the harder ones.
4. Keep checking your timetable and lessen your extra screen time
5. Always have a backup option as in covering some chapters in advance

You’ll need to follow these steps for better preparation unless your IQ is that of Sheldon Cooper’s

Passing Tip:

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Practice Exams:

Have studied for the exams but still not sure how you will perform on the big day? This way of studying is just for you. Many a time, students end up cramming the entire syllabus but forget to test themselves. What happens next? As a result, they either end up panicking, or they forget whatever they studied for the exam. So, if you are panicking now, you are safe. Here is what you can do. First off, get yourself the past years’ question papers. Sit in a quiet place where nobody interrupts you. Set a timer. Start solving the papers one by one. You may take loo breaks in between. This way should be used even if you are not panicking for an exam. It gives you a report of your progress and tells you where you stand. All in all, it is a pretty good way to go about your exam preparation.


Are you facing difficulty memorizing things? Worry not because flashcards are the best way to go about stuff that you need to remember for your exams. Be the value of Pi (up to 6 digits) or the 3rd President of the USA; flashcards will always be there to save you. Now, here is the catch about flashcards. The use of different color pens and pictures on your flashcards can help you memorize things more effectively. And, let’s admit it, remembering dates through flashcards is far better than reading the book with the most annoying fonts.

Study Guides:

Stuck on a Math problem or can’t find the summary of a particular chapter in your Biology notebook? Get yourself study guides. Now, study guides can be notes, books, reading circles, or even a YouTube video. Studying from notes or watching a video around the same topic can help you understand a chapter more effectively. Not only will you be saving your time, but you will also not be wasting your energy reading the whole chapter.