Green Associate Exam

The Green Associate designation is the first-tier accreditation given by the GBCI (Green Building Certification Institute). Originally, the LEED AP exam was a longer exam that has now been broken down into two sections. The first-tier is commonly referred to as the LEED Green Associate portion.

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Green Associate ExamWhat is on the LEED Green Associate Exam

Recognition Items: Recognition items assess someone's ability to recall material from the Green Associate Exam reference guides.

Application Items: Application items test the applicant with situation problems and solutions regarding the principles or procedures of LEED.

Analysis Items: Analysis Items test a candidate's ability to dissect a problem down into its components and then create a viable solution. This is primarily done in two steps: dissection of a problem into elements and evaluation of the relationship of that problem.

Green Associate 3Green Associate Definition

A person who has the understanding and ability demonstrated through passing an exam about the process of LEED building certification. A LEED Green Associate shows knowledge of green design, construction and how buildings operate sustainably.

Green Associate 4Who should get their LEED Green Associate Designation

Green Associates typical role in a project is consultation or in taking on the role of project manager. Project managers make sure that all aspects of the LEED standards are documented and underway.

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