Make Roads Safer For Bicycles In NYC

NYC is expanding the number or dedicated bike lanes. Could this cause more accidents? When going green meets new technology to overcome safety problems. Student invention aims to fix this by addressing a problem discovered when visually analyzing video created from an intersection in NYC. The video was created by Ron Gabriel as part of his master’s thesis project at the School of Visual Arts. (VIDEO ATTACHED) A British student at the University of Brighton has come up with a device that alerts drivers of the presence of a rapidly approaching bicycle. The device accomplishes this by projecting a bright green laser image of a bike on the road a distance ahead. Invented by Emily Brooke, BLAZE has the potential to offset potential bicycle-related accidents since 80% of bicycle accidents occur when bicycles are traveling straight and vehicles maneuver into them because of large blind-spots. “The most common contributory factor is ‘failed to look properly’ on the part of a vehicle driver, says Brooke. “Even when lit up like a Christmas tree, a bicycle in a bus’s blind spot is still invisible.”