Question: "If I am already a LEED AP, can I still participate in this program to gain experience on LEED projects?"

Dear Joseph,

Thank you for your question. Our program is a wonderful way to build total LEED construction experience and is open to everyone including current LEED Accredited Professionals. For one year you will have direct access to multiple projects with new ones added every month. You will be taking on the job as a type of LEED administrator. Through our comment section and unique voting system you will be able to make responses and vote on other responses made by other people in the program. You will not be confined to a specific set of credits like in a typical job.

This type of work experience will give you a dramatic edge for any future jobs by providing you the opportunity to understand the whole LEED system and the ability to work on large scale projects. This will differentiate you from other applicants in your career.

Thank you for your question about our Green Work Experience program,

Todd D
Mechanical Engineer, LEED AP
The Green Work Experience Team