Study: 1,400 U.S. cities are endanger of flooding from rising sea levels

A study has concluded that 1,400 cities and towns are in the sea level danger zone unless deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are controlled.

Of those 1,400 cities some of the more noteworthy populated areas include Miami, Virginia Beach and Jacksonville. It was estimated that 316 of the U.S. cities and towns will most likely be submerged.


The report did not put an accurate time prediction on exact time and the process could take hundreds of years according to the paper produced by the National Academy of Sciences. The report states at current heating trends continue as many as 1,100 cities will most likely be underwater by 2100.

If we eliminate carbon emissions will this stop the process?

Flat out no. If we stop production of the harmful gasses we will still see increases in temperature because those gasses will stay in our atmosphere for centuries to millenniums.

How was the data calculated?

The report looks at the 2010 census population figures that included elevation analysis. The report states out of the 316 municipalities (New Orleans, Atlantic City, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach) currently 3.6 million Americans occupy those danger areas. Some areas are already under pressure to elevate the danger.

Few Noteworthy City Predictions

Galveston, Texas (2030)
Miami (2040)
Norfolk, Va., (2044)
Coral Gables, Fla. (2044)
Virginia Beach (2054)

The question remains: what can be done?

The problem will continue regardless of our decisions but technology changes but needs time. If we continue on our recent path we will be hastening the problem we created. By drastic reductions we can slow the process and give our engineers and scientists time to produce solutions to our waste and water issues.

Why do the sea levels rise?

Our Publishing Date: July 31, 2013