Top 10 Green LEED Cities In The USA

The USGBC has announced at the beginning of 2011, the top 10 states for LEED projects in 2010 for LEED-certified institutional and commercial buildings. Taking the front spot is the District of Columbia with an average 25 square feet of LEED certified project space per person.

“Using per person, versus the more traditional numbers of projects, or pure square footage, is a reminder to all of us that the people who live and work, learn and play in buildings should be what we care about most,” says USGBC SVP of LEED, Scot Horst.

The USGBC LEED green building rating system currently boasts 40,000 projects with 7.9 billion square feet of construction space. The green sustainable LEED rating system has projects in 50 states and 117 countries.

LEED also is having a major impact in the new LEED Home rating system with over 45,000 homes certified.

The most common type of project on the top 10 LEED list was the commercial office, and the most common owner type a for-profit organization.

The top 10 LEED states per person, including District of Columbia:

  • District of Columbia: 25.15 sf (2.34 m²)
  • Nevada: 10.92 sf (1.01 m²)
  • New Mexico: 6.35 sf (0.59 m²)
  • New Hampshire: 4.49 sf (0.42 m²)
  • Oregon: 4.07 sf (0.38 m²)
  • South Carolina: 3.19 sf (0.3 m²)
  • Washington: 3.16 sf (0.29 m²)
  • Illinois: 3.09 sf (0.29 m²)
  • Arkansas: 2.9 sf (0.27 m²)
  • Colorado: 2.85 sf (0.26 m²)
  • Minnesota: 2.77 sf (0.26 m²)