What does LEED stand for?


The question, "what does LEED stand for?", is a common question asked by first time home builders, designers, and developers. LEED is an abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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What does LEED stand for?

Over the past decade there has been a vast increase in the number of people who are concerned about the environment. Because of this many initiatives have been created to help alleviate this concern. LEED is one of these initiatives. LEED is an internationally recognized environmental program and is currently deployed in more than 30 countries around the world. It provides a means of verifying that a building or a group of buildings is designed and built in a way that would improve energy savings, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and CO2 emissions reduction.

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How does LEED certification work?

It uses a third-party verification system to determine if a project falls within LEED standards. There are several levels of certification that a developer can home to attain: certified, silver, gold, and platinum. The third-party individuals must become certified with the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) to gain an understanding of LEED's rating system.

The program is used to establish common standards in which to rate each project. LEED also is used to recognize environmental leadership among designers and construction companies alike. It also aims to create a new sense of direction for the building market while at the same time creating a type of competition among companies to increase their environmental awareness. LEED also hopes to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of building environmentally friendly homes.

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What Does LEED Accreditation Stand For?

Accreditation is a title that a person can achieve who wants to distinguish themselves in the world of sustainable construction. Accreditation proves to your project team and future clients that you fully understand the complexity of running and managing a LEED project.

  • LEED Green Associate
    First tier accreditation for someone who wants to know the basics of the LEED rating system. It currently does not provide your project with an automatic point for participation but will at the very least, validate you in understanding the basic process of LEED certification
  • LEED AP with Specialty
    Has demonstrated vast knowledge of the particular aspects of certification for a project. They have been tested and passed the LEED AP exam for their designated specialty. They will earn the project they participate on an automatic point just for assuming a role on the project.

What does LEED stand for? Types of Projects:

AP Types of Projects
Building Design and Construction New Construction | Core and Shell | Schools | Retail | Healthcare | Data Centers | Hospitality | Warehouses and Distribution Centers
Interior Design and Construction Commercial Interiors | Retail | Hospitality
Building Operations and Maintenance Existing Buildings | Data Centers | Warehouses and Distribution Centers | Hospitality | Schools | Retail
Neighborhood Development Plan | Project
Homes Homes and Multifamily Low rise | Multifamily Mid-rise

What does LEED Certification Stand for?

LEED certification deals with numerous types of projects. The program focuses on the design of the building and is now dealing with actual energy consumption after it has been built. Credentials, like the LEED AP designation, are held by people.

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