What are Green Jobs?

Start a Green Business

So, you’re ready to save the planet while earning an income from home or ready to invest in a larger business. You are passionate about the environment and making a difference for future generations while earning an income from home. This is the guide for you! Starting an eco-friendly business is easy and we will take you through the basics from website creation, business plans, business ideas and products you can sell without having an inventory.

Plan and Ideas on Making your own Green Jobs

Green Financing

Review your local community level projects and financing. You may be surprised to discover opportunities, funding for artistic endeavors and potential local projects that can be financed. The goals of green financing typically is a social endeavor that is in place to benefit your local community.
Federal Grants
Federal Financing for Clean Energy


Local eco consultants are trained in skills of saving money on a home level. You could offer a Green Home Makeover. An example is Green Irene Eco-Consultants. They charge $99 for a walkthrough of someone’s house while suggesting modifications that can save a homeowner money.

Eco-Party Coordinator

Help educate people with hosting an event showcasing environmentally friendly products. People who love the environment but don’t know where to begin will love to learn about different products that exist in the market place.

Make a Green Business Website

Every business needs a website! Yours can easily be made with one of the low cost shared hosting providers. They include the software you need with no previous experience required.

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Green Affiliate Programs and Marketing your Green Products

So, you want to start a business without the hassle of inventory or you want to sell your products through affiliate marketing. An affiliate program is perfect for you! Affiliates earn money based on sales of clients that are referred to them. This gives you the entrepreneur the opportunity to focus on your business strategy of blogging, website building and hosting local events.