LEED AP Exam Requirements

Highly Recommends Project Experience

The USGBC highly recommends project experience as a prerequisite to taking the AP exam, you should have been personally involved with a LEED Registered Project within three years of your application submittal date. Personal involvement means that you can demonstrate how you have contributed to the project through ongoing, active participation. Your work should have provided you with knowledge of the project and the LEED process and should have demonstrably helped in the project’s pursuit of project certification.

Your participation must be documented in the form of a letter of attestation from a supervisor, client, or project manager and must describe your involvement on the LEED Project as a consultant, contracted worker, LEED Project Team Member, LEED Homes Provider, LEED Commercial Reviewer, LEED for Homes Green Rater, LEED Reviewer, or staff member of a Certifying Body (CB). This list is not exhaustive but is meant to provide guidance for the applicant. This requirement may also be met with verification through LEED Online. GBCI auditors will review this letter of attestation based on these criteria:

  • The letter must be on letterhead or provide other evidence of its authenticity.
  • The body of the attestation should be limited to 1,500 words or less.
  • The letter must be dated.
  • The letter must be authored and signed by a supervisor, client, project manager, or someone else qualified to evaluate the applicant’s performance.
  • The author’s title and relationship to the applicant should be demonstrated.
  • The letter must summarize and confirm the applicant’s involvement with the LEED Project.
  • The full name or Project ID for the LEED Project must be provided. (If the experience is with a LEED for Homes project please provide the address to the project’s location)
  • The letter must provide the dates of the applicant’s relevant involvement.
  • If the applicant is not currently involved with this LEED project, the end date of this involvement cannot be more than three (3) years ago.

Project Experience Definition Examples include working in an ongoing, full-time role with the LEED Project team in multiple phases of the project including managing or leading the project design or construction team, or facility management teams by providing installation, supervision, auditing, consulting, managing or other leadership roles with the project team.

Project Experience

Our LEED Experience Program Meets all the requirements of the LEED AP Exam by supplying you a Letter of Attestation depicting your LEED Management Experience

  • You will enter a management roll all of our projects by joining and contributing to our LEED team. Your ongoing participation will qualify and meet the LEED certification requirements(shown below)
  • Obtain a credit reference account approved by the USGBC for one year to use on our projects in your program and your future projects.