LEED AP ID+C Study Guide

You’re looking to pass your LEED ID+C Exam but need a good LEED Interior Design + Construction Study Guide, well then look no further. We have you covered with this study outline and information to help you pass your LEED ID+C Exam on your first try!

LEED AP ID+C Exam Study Guide

The LEED ID+C Exam is a 2nd tier exam and your step into the world of LEED Accredited Professionals. A candidate must meet the prerequisite of completing the LEED Green Associate Exam before taking the LEED AP Exams. If you have not already completed the LEED Green Associate Exam, you can take a combined exam that contains both the Green Associate questions and the LEED AP questions, but it is not recommended. We recommend taking them back-to-back with ample study time in between.

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LEED Interior Design and Construction Exam

Interior Design + Construction (v4) Contents

LEED Project and Team Coordination (22%)
LEED® Certification Process (32%)
Analyses Required for LEED Credits (32%)
Advocacy and Education for Adoption for LEED Rating System (14%)

LEED AP BD+C Exam Requirements

LEED AP ID+C Exam Requirements


  • 11 QuestionsLEED Process
  • 8 QuestionsIntegrative Strategies
  • 8 QuestionsLocation and Transportation
  • 10 QuestionsWater Efficiency
  • 15 QuestionsEnergy and Atmosphere
  • 17 QuestionsMaterials and Resources
  • 16 QuestionsIndoor Environmental Quality
  • 15 QuestionsPretest Questions