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This guide will walk you through the basics of the LEED rating system and exams. This article provides an outline of the LEED Exam's requirements, format, types of question and our recommendation for the best LEED Exam Prep on the market. When choosing the best study material, we based it upon: how widely is it used, how close to the real exam is it and its overall success rate in helping you pass your exam on your first try!

Our LEED Exam Prep Selection:

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The Best LEED Exam Prep On The Market

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These are the complete study bundles that contain all the material you need to pass on your first try!

We chose the LEED Exam Prep material from GBES as the premier study material for its award-winning study material. With over 150,000 customers and a 95% pass rate on your first try, GBES is the premier study material for the LEED Exams. With the exam simulators close approximation to the real exam, you will not be disappointed.

LEED Exam Prep

We recommend studying from the best LEED exam prep material available. We recommend and used this LEED Exam Prep material to obtain our LEED Accredited Professional Credentials. We chose this material based on its proximity to the actual LEED exams. This study material covers the recall, application and analysis types of questions that are on all the LEED exams.

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

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View Exam Prep Bundle

This is the premier study bundle for the LEED Exams. It contains everything you need in a single package. Utilizing teaching styles such as visual, audio and motion, this LEED Exam Prep bundle has the right material to reinforce the base concepts of the LEED Exams.

LEED Exam Prep Info

This LEED Exam prep package contains the top-selling Original LEED v4 Exam simulators. With forward and backward navigation and detailed explanations each question helps you reinforce the core concepts of your LEED Accreditation. The on-demand training will help you go through the main information for the exam.

LEED Exam Prep Tips

We recommend printing the memory helping sections of this study bundle. You can print out the flash cards and memory sheet for easy access. We recommend highlighting the information you need to understand and to develop your cheat sheet that encompasses the material you personally need to focus on.

Complete LEED Exam Prep Solution

This bundle contains everything you need to pass your LEED Exams. Unlike the USGBC reference guides with 800 pages of material, this LEED Exam Prep Bundle contains enough information to help you focus on your LEED Exam without overwhelming you! This study bundle will condense that material into what is need-to-know and relevant on the current LEED Exams.

How It Works

This bundle includes access for 4 months. During this time, you will have access to on-demand study material that covers all the core concepts and credit material for your LEED exam. With a 95% passing rate on your first try, you will not be disappointed when you review your material. You know your study bundle has been well-prepared and tested by over 150,000 successful customers. Each question has been meticulously reviewed by the community and verified as exam material that may show up on your LEED exam.

LEED Exams

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The LEED Exams are broken down into two sections:

  1. LEED Green Associate
  2. LEED AP Specialty

Choosing Your LEED Specialty Exam

Many candidates ask which specialty LEED Exam should they prepare for. The answer is a complex answer, but this section will help guide you. You first must obtain your LEED Green Associate Credential. The LEED Exams start with your Green Associate, and then you can choose a specialty. The most common LEED AP is the Building Design and Construction Accreditation also known as BD+C. Candidates typically work on new construction projects and major renovations. With the majority of work being new construction, we recommend this certification for the majority of candidates. Below is a table of types of projects matched with the AP specialty:

AP Types of Projects
Building Design and Construction New Construction | Major Renovation | Core and Shell | Schools | Retail | Healthcare | Data Centers | Hospitality | Warehouses and Distribution Centers
Interior Design and Construction Commercial Interiors | Retail | Hospitality
Building Operations and Maintenance Existing Buildings | Data Centers | Warehouses and Distribution Centers | Hospitality | Schools | Retail
Neighborhood Development Plan | Project
Homes Homes and Multifamily Low rise | Multifamily Mid rise

LEED Exam Prep Format

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LEED Exam Format
The LEED Exams have been developed to be administered at Testing Centers or at home via webcam and contain 100 multiple-choice questions. Each LEED Exam is proctored for 2 hours. During that time, you are allowed to make computer based responses. Not all questions are graded, so it's important to record answers for each question on the exam even if you need to make an educated guess.

LEED Exam Prep Software
Our selected study material has been specially developed to mimic the questions from the exam. The software contains multiple 100 question mock LEED Exams for you to practice on and many of the questions are word-for-word in the exam.

LEED Exam Prep Questions

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The LEED Exams assess your understanding of the LEED rating system by covering three different types of questions: Recall, Application and Analysis. Our recommended LEED Exam Prep material covers each type of question.

  1. Recall Questions: Contains questions that are straight-out of the reference books. These questions test your scope of factual material.
  2. Application Questions: These questions cover real-world problems and solutions using the LEED rating system. It usually asks the procedures of the LEED rating system.
  3. Analysis Questions: Covers relationships between the rating system. For example, the synergy between credits and how they impact each other is in this section.

LEED Exam Prep Selection Criteria

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We use a vigorous selection process when picking out offered study material. We selected GBES LEED Exam Prep material based on a few factors:

  1. 24/7 Customer Service (chat, email and phone support)
  2. Best Reviewed Study Material (over 150,000 customers)
  3. LEED Exam Prep Pass on Your First Try Rating (95% rate)

Our LEED Exam Prep Selection Process

We wanted to ensure our candidates have access to the best LEED Exam Prep out on the market. We first checked GBES for their customer service. Our process has been to check ease of access to support staff. GBES has maintained a chat-based system to easily help candidates that need extra support. They also provide phone and email support during the workweek with a response time of less than 24 hours.

Our next check was with the number of customers. GBES has been a leader in supporting candidates to achieve their LEED accreditation since its inception. For over 13 years GBES has been successfully supporting AP study material. Because of how long they have been on the market, their LEED Exam Prep study material is the most widely used and thus accurate in their claim of over 150,000 satisfied customers.

We finally checked their passing rate by using their LEED Exam Prep material ourselves. We achieved our LEED Accredited professional designation using their study material and the reference guide provided by the USGBC. Furthermore, we passed on our first try and could verify the close similarity to the actual test. Not only that, but we also verified some fact-based questions were word-for-word on the actual LEED Exam.