LEED Exam Tips and Tricks

Understand the basics of the exam. Go over the candidate handbook front and back. Many of the questions that are "easy" exam questions can be found strait from the candidate handbook. The testing method is computer based. You will receive a pencil and blank paper when you are taking the exam. You are not allowed to have notes.
When studying for the exam it is important to know two things: How do you memorize and identify best and take practice tests that mimic the actual exam both in content and function. The majority of our candidates over the last 5 years found a combo of making their own study guide/flash cards effective with the majority of time spent doing practice exams and simulators.

LEED Exam Pro Tip #1

When you first enter the exam you should dump the information you have in your head on your piece of paper. Remember to think of percentages and any numerical number that will be used for your calculations during the exam.

LEED Exam Pro Tip #2

The exam allows you to skip ahead and head back to answer previous questions. It is my recommendation to skip any of the questions that are more numerically based or the answer does not jump out at you right away. Chances are later in the exam some other question will jog your memory. The test is timed and you do not want to spend an exorbitant amount of time on one question.

LEED Exam Pro Tip #3

Relax. This exam is passable and if you do your due diligence the exam should provide a bit of complexity on some questions and a breeze on others.

In the USA the LEED Exam is administered primarily by Prometric. You can learn more about the Prometric testing center and what to expect through the following video. This video should cover the process for you so you can know what to expect.

LEED Green Associate and AP Practice Exams

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The Green Associate Exam

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LEED AP Credential Exams
We highly recommend buying updated testing material that is similar to the LEED AP exam. Our trick to passing the LEED AP exam was studying GBES material. GBES, an affiliate of ours, currently has a pass rate of 95% for the LEED exam on the first try. The exam simulation mimics the USGBC exam in its process and coverage.

LEED AP Exam Material