What is a WELL AP?

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The WELL Accredited Professional Exam proves your understanding of the WELL Building Standard by committing your project and professional career down a path of positive human health and wellness. The program is run by the International WELL Building institute comprises the WELL AP accreditation and the WELL AP building certification.

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what is a leed ap?

Cost of the WELL AP Exam $

The WELL AP exam costs $299 USD for affiliates and $660 for professionals not affiliated with the USGBC or ASID.

Maintenance FEE $

The WELL AP has a maintenance fee of $125 and requires the candidate to demonstrate 30 hours of continuing education within 2 years of earning their AP credential.

Is taking the WELL AP exam worth it?

Like any rating system the achieving Well AP certification will cost money either in planning or implementation. For developers, utilizing a company or planner that has their WELL AP accreditation will help reduce costs. On the candidate side, there is no better way to show your commitment to healthy building by achieving your Well AP. The WELL certification focuses more on the health of the buildings occupants whereas the LEED rating system focuses more on the material construction aspect.

Study Material we recommend
We always recommend condensed study material. You should focus on only the need to know information. We use and recommend the GBES study material. GBES has a tried and true approach to studying that gives you the need to know information without overwhelming the candidate.

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