Originally designed as a comprehensive evaluation tool, the WELL AP exam was created by the International WELL Building Institute. The WELL movement is a way to certify projects under a rating system that focuses on the health and well-being of the occupants. The rating system has been developed over 10 years and is backed by scientific research. The WELL system has certified over 1.5 billion square feet of space in over 80 countries.


Free WELL AP Study Material

Passing the WELL Exam

We recommend studying for a minimum of 30 days before taking the test. This will give you adequate studying time to completely cover each of the 11 domains in the WELL certification process. Our selected live classes will cover all the material in a one-month window and boast a 95% first time passing rate.

The Best WELL AP EXAM Prep

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Scouring the internet for the best study material can seem overwhelming. We searched the internet for you and tested the top study material.

  1. WELL AP Platinum Pack More Info
    The platinum pack consists of everything you need to study for the WELL AP exam. It contains: updated test simulators, video training, and flashcards. This study material upholds a 95% first time passing rate.
  2. Live WELL AP Exam Classes and Study Bundle More Info

    If live training is something that benefits you, this live class is a perfect fit. With this product, you will be able to access to 400 practice exam questions, flashcards and a complete study guide. You will be able to participate in 4 live training classes that cover everything you need to know for the test.

  3. WELL AP Silver Pack More Info
    Containing the original test simulator and flashcards, this study bundle is perfect for people that already have study guides. Candidates will be able to study using flashcards for memory and the exam simulator for practice.
  4. WELL AP Exam Simulator More Info
    The original exam simulator. This product contains 400 questions that simulate the actual test. The questions range over the 11 domains contained in the WELL certification process and have been worded to simulate the complex questions that you will experience when taking the actual exam.
  5. Free WELL Resources More Info
    Rounding out our top study material choices is the material provided by the International WELL Building Institute. This study resource contains all the information that will be on the WELL test at no cost to you. This material is not in a condensed format and contains a lot of extra information when comparing it to other study material on this list.

Guide to Becoming a WELL AP

WELL AP Exam Prep

The test consists of 115 multiple choice questions that evaluate your understanding of the certification system under the IWBI. The questions will test your understanding of the 11 different domains that comprise the WELL AP exam. Registering for the test is simple:

  1. Login to the WELL Certification website and create an account (www.wellcertified.com).
  2. Click “Become a WELL AP”.
  3. Select your country.
  4. Click “Register Now” and pay.
  5. Schedule your test.