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Simple to understand information on the WELL AP credential including how to earn your WELL AP as well as the format and what study material is necessary for the exam.

How to earn your WELL AP

Earning the WELL AP credential is a simple process by passing the WELL AP exam.
The exam assesses a candidate understanding on multiple cognitive levels including:

Recall Items
This is about recalling factual material presented in the exam reference material.
Application Items
Assesses the ability of the candidate in solving problems and scenario applications similar to the principals and procedures described in the reference material.
Analysis Items
Do you actually understand each component and the interaction of each element of the rating system. Think recognize the problem and how each element interacts.

WELL Exam Format

Both not scored and scored items will appear on the exam with no prior knowledge of the order of appearance. The not scored items will be used later on in the development of future exams. The exam is a computer based exam with multiple choice options. You will be able to review your exam at the end and change your selections.
Hint: If a question is hard you can skip it and come back later. Make sure to review all your selections.

WELL AP Exam Language: English

Recommended WELL AP EXAM Study Material

We recommend studying condensed material that covers the need to know information for the exam. The cost of good study material outweighs wasting your exam fee and study time. We recommend GBES material because we have used it in the past and it has proven to have a high success rate.

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